When the work of the laptop has noticeably deteriorated, it periodically began to “hang”,
and the body is very hot, do not rush to buy a new one.
You will only need to contact our service center, where the master
clean the laptop from accumulated dust and dirt
as well as its cooling system after liquid ingress.
The cooling system of the laptop is necessary in order to
It did not overheat and functioned quickly. If you notice
that the device slows down and periodically does not respond to commands,
that means the coolers are clogged with dust and the laptop needs cleaning.
The phenomenon is quite common, especially for those who have pets:
their wool accelerates the clogging of the device. Master from our service center
quickly carry out the necessary procedure, then you can
schedule regular cleaning of laptop colors.
Its frequency will depend on the conditions in which you live.

The cost of cleaning a turnkey laptop with the departure of the master – 400 UAH